A.   Definitions:
   RECREATIONAL VEHICLE: A vehicular unit, primarily designed as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational, and vacation use, which is either self-propelled or is mounted on or pulled by another vehicle, including, but not limited to, a travel trailer, a camping trailer, a truck camper, a motor home, a fifth wheel trailer and a van.
   RESTRICTED RECREATIONAL VEHICLE: A recreational vehicle which has or exceeds either a body height of seven feet (7'), a body width of eight feet (8') or a body length of twenty feet (20').
   B.   Residential Areas: It shall be unlawful to park, place, store, or otherwise leave a restricted recreational vehicle upon any street in a residential area for a period of time longer than twenty four (24) hours. Such vehicle shall be considered to be in violation of this section if parked in any one location for longer than twenty four (24) hours or if the vehicle has been parked in one or more locations within the same block for such twenty four (24) hour period.
   C.   Intersections: It shall be unlawful to stop, stand or park a restricted recreational vehicle within thirty feet (30') of an intersection.
(1979 Code § 10.48.165; Ord. 94-60, 11-15-1994)