It is unlawful for any person to occupy or use any portion of the public streets for the erection or repair of any building upon land abutting thereon, without first making application to and receiving from the city engineer a permit for the occupation or use, for building purposes, of such portions of streets, and for such periods of time and under such limitations and restrictions as may be required by the city engineer, to provide for safe access by the public and adjoining property owners; provided, that any such permit may be revoked by the city engineer at any time when the holder thereof fails to comply with any rule or regulation under which it is granted, or when, in the opinion of the city engineer, the public interest requires such revocation. Occupation or use, as herein stated, for periods in excess of fourteen (14) calendar days or for occupation or use of a street in excess of fifteen feet (15'), measured from the curb line, requires approval of the mayor. In no case shall an occupation or use be approved which eliminates or unnecessarily restricts access by the public or adjoining property owners.
(1979 Code § 12.04.070; amd. Ord. 88-41, 10-13-1988; 1999 Code)