A.   Defined: For purposes of this section, "restricted vehicle" shall mean:
      1.   A vehicle or trailer with a rated capacity of one and one-half (11/2) tons or more;
      2.   A vehicle or trailer licensed for more than eighteen thousand (18,000) pounds gross;
      3.   A vehicle or trailer with a length of more than forty five feet (45') or a width of more than eight feet (8');
      4.   Construction vehicles or equipment, except as allowed under section 7-4-3 and title 7, chapter 5 of this code; or
      5.   Farm tractors or self-propelled implements of husbandry, or other agricultural equipment or implements.
   B.   Residential Area; Loading And Unloading: No person shall park, or allow to remain standing, any "restricted vehicle", as defined in subsection A of this section, upon any street, part of a street or roadway in any residential area of the city except while actually loading or unloading. In no event shall it remain parked for purposes of loading or unloading in excess of eight (8) hours.
   C.   Time Limitation: For purposes of this section a restricted vehicle shall be deemed parked, even though the motor is running, if the vehicle is left standing for any period in excess of three (3) minutes when the same is not attended by a driver lawfully authorized to drive the said vehicle (except when unloading or loading as provided in subsection B of this section).
(1979 Code § 10.48.220; Ord. 94-60, 11-15-1994)