A.   Designation; Mayor Authority: The mayor shall determine, based upon an engineering and traffic investigation, upon what city streets or portions thereof angle parking shall be permitted, having due regard to the width of the street, the nature of the surface thereon, the volume, speed and nature of the traffic, the nature of the neighborhood through which the same travels, the demand for parking space, and available facilities for parking in such neighborhood. Whenever the mayor determines that angle parking shall be permitted upon a given street or portion thereof, he shall designate the same by written order filed with the city recorder and shall cause the same to be marked and signed for angle parking in accordance with the MUTCD.
   B.   Exceptions: It is specifically provided, however, that the mayor shall have no power or authority to authorize or permit angle parking on any federal aid or state highway. Angle parking upon any federal aid or state highway may be authorized or permitted only by ordinance, and shall not be authorized or permitted unless the Utah department of transportation has determined that the roadway is of sufficient width to permit angle parking without interfering with the free movement of traffic.
(1979 Code § 10.48.050; amd. Ord. 94-60, 11-15-1994)