A.   Designation For Employees And Officials: Certain areas of the parking lots or streets within the municipal building block, located between Washington Boulevard and Grant Avenue and 25th Street and 26th Street may be designated by the mayor for parking by employees and officials of the city, Weber County and the state. These parking areas shall be designated by appropriate signs setting forth the nature of the restriction and the times thereof. Parking restrictions and regulations for parking lot areas held in joint ownership by the city and Weber County shall be issued by order approved by the chair of the county commission and the mayor.
   B.   Permit Required: Only vehicles displaying a valid and authorized parking permit issued by the city shall be allowed to park in the areas designated in subsection A of this section. Any parking space specifically designated for a particular vehicle by number or other denotation shall be occupied only by a vehicle displaying a parking permit bearing that particular number or denotation.
   C.   Altered Or False Permits: It is unlawful for any person to alter or falsify a parking permit referred to herein or to display a facsimile or copy of such a permit which has not been issued by the city, or to provide a parking permit to an unauthorized person.
   D.   Unauthorized Vehicles: It shall be unlawful for any person to park in any parking areas designated in subsection A of this section other than a person whose vehicle displays a valid and authorized parking permit or which bears the corresponding number or denotation required for the designated parking space.
   E.   Special Permits; Mayor Authority: The mayor may authorize special permits for jurors, witnesses and attorneys, using the Ogden City justice court, which allow the permittee to park for periods of time in excess of the designated time restrictions, in the public parking areas within the municipal block and in designated parking spaces on the public streets immediately adjacent to the municipal block. Annual permits for attorneys may be issued only upon payment of a forty dollar ($40.00) fee.
(1979 Code § 10.48.080; amd. Ord. 94-60, 11-15-1994; Ord. 2006-49, 8-8-2006)