Except when necessary in obedience to traffic regulations or traffic signs or signals, the operator of a vehicle shall not stop, stand or park such vehicle in a roadway other than parallel with the edge of the roadway, headed in the direction of traffic, and with the curb side wheels of the vehicle within twelve inches (12") of the curb or edge of the roadway, except as provided in the following subsections:
   A.   Designated Angle Parking: Upon those streets which have been designated and marked or signed for angle parking, vehicles shall be parked at the angle to the curb indicated by such marks or signs.
   B.   Loading Or Unloading Merchandise; Permit Required: In places where, and at hours when, stopping for the loading or unloading of merchandise or materials is permitted, vehicles used for the transportation of merchandise or materials may back into the curb to take on or discharge loads, but not otherwise, when the owner of such vehicle holds a permit granting him such special privilege under section 10-5-12 of this chapter; provided, that such permit shall be either in the possession of the operator or on the vehicle at the time such vehicle is backed against the curb to take on or discharge a load. It is unlawful for any owner or operator to violate any of the special terms or conditions of any such special permit.
(1979 Code § 10.48.040; amd. Ord. 94-60, 11-15-1994)