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Effective: June 1, 1996
Contains administrative orders up to and including
Administrative Order 2023-6, dated October 11, 2023
Published by:
American Legal Publishing
525 Vine Street * Suite 310 * Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
1-833-226-3439 *
If you need any assistance reading or understanding this manual, please contact the Ogden City personnel office. Arrangements can be made to assist you.
   This manual and its contents supersede any representations made prior to its issuance, whether such were verbal or written, implied or expressed, or otherwise stated/given, even if such prior representations covered areas not addressed in this guide. Where any state or federal or other city ordinances may preempt any policy or procedure with respect to enforcement or by virtue of legal authority, such law or ordinance shall prevail.
   This manual and its contents are intended to supplement existing state or federal law. To such degree as is legally permissible, this manual and its contents shall prevail over and above any minimum criteria set by state or federal law or city ordinance.
   The exemption or nullification of any policy by preemptive legal statute or authority shall not affect the authority of any other policy or portion of this manual. The only exceptions to these policies are those written, authorized and signed by the mayor.
   This manual and its contents are not the only source of information, direction or guidance with respect to Ogden City policies, procedures or practices. Examples are departmental rules and regulations, administrative rules and procedures, executive orders, and city ordinances.