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10-5-1: Prohibited Parking; Generally
10-5-2: Streets; Parking Prohibited At All Times
10-5-3: Streets; Parking Prohibited During Certain Hours
10-5-4: Time Limited Parking
10-5-5: Parking On Sidewalk Or Parkway Area Prohibited
10-5-6: Parks, Playgrounds, Grounds Of Public Buildings And Public Property
10-5-7: Municipal Building Parking
10-5-8: Parallel Parking Required; Exceptions
10-5-9: Angle Parking
10-5-10: Parking Space Markings
10-5-11: Business District
10-5-12: Special Loading Permits
10-5-13: Bus And Taxicab Zones
10-5-14: Buses And Taxicabs
10-5-15: Blocking Traffic
10-5-16: Reserved
10-5-17: Reserved
10-5-18: Using Streets For Storage
10-5-19: Working On Vehicles In Streets, Parks Or Parking Lots
10-5-20: Abandoned Vehicles
10-5-21: Snow Removal
10-5-22: Restricted Vehicles; Parking Regulations
10-5-23: Restricted Recreational Vehicles
10-5-24: Vehicles Illegally Parked On Street; Police Authority To Move
10-5-25: Fire Lanes
10-5-26: Parking For Persons With Disabilities
10-5-27: Oversized Vehicles; Ogden City Mall
10-5-28: Vacant Lots Or Parking Lots; Display For Sale Prohibited
10-5-29: Prohibited Parking In Front Yards On Residential Property