Buildings and land shall be used, and buildings shall be designed, erected, altered, moved or maintained, in whole or in part, in a Research-Office District only for the following uses and only if all uses are conducted wholly within enclosed buildings.
   (a)   Main Uses Permitted.
      (1)   Office uses as permitted in Office Building Districts.
      (2)   Laboratories for experimental research and testing and all types of basic and applied research of product design and development, including, but not limited to, the construction and operation of small scale experimental and pilot plant operations.
      (3)   Production operations, if ancillary to a permitted experimental research and testing facility and only as an incidental component operation, and not as a single operation, in the production and/or assembly of products which have a high value in relation to bulk, such as:
         A.   Electrical and electronic equipment; motors;
         B.   Electrical appliances; lamps, fixtures and clocks;
         C.   Hardware, cutlery and kitchen utensils;
         D.   Musical and scientific instruments;
         E.   Medical, orthopedic and photographic instruments and equipment;
         F.   Sporting goods, athletic equipment and toys;
         G.   Clothing and other textile products;
         H.   Pharmaceutical products; compounding of cosmetics, drugs and toiletries;
         I.   Plastics; extrusion, molding and fabricating of panels, sheets, tubes and rods; and
         J.   Printing, publishing and engraving.
      (4)   Hotels.
      (5)   Single family cluster developments, to a maximum overall density of 2.4 units per acre and otherwise pursuant to the requirements of Section 1270.33 shall be the only uses permitted in the portion of a Research Office District that is within 500 feet of the rear lot lines of the lots, existing at the time of the adoption of this amendment, that have frontage on the south side of Woodridge Drive.
   (b)   Similar Main Uses Permitted. Any other office, research and ancillary production use not listed above or in any use classification of a subsequent district and determined as similar by the Planning Commission according to standards set forth in Section 1262.08.
   (c)   Accessory Uses Permitted.
      (1)   Storage of materials and products produced in this District within enclosed buildings, only if clearly accessory to the main use, and the enclosed storage and distribution of products produced in this District.
      (2)   Industrial, project, real estate, identification and directional signs, and nameplates, as set forth in Chapter 1284.
      (3)   Off-street parking and loading facilities as required and set forth in Chapter 1282.
(Ord. 1988-174. Passed 10-17-88.)
   (d)   Conditional Uses Permitted. On parcels in the general area defined as north of State Route 82, south of Wallings Road, and having frontage on the east side of York Road, office buildings only are permitted to heights of 65 feet, provided that the Research-Office zoned parcel(s) are of sufficient lot size to fulfill the requirements set forth in Section 1278.06 (footnotes (e) and (f)), and provided that all other building criteria required by this Zoning Code are met and provided that a conditional use permit is granted in accordance with the standards set forth in Section 1262.07.
(Ord. 96-161. Passed 10-15-96; Ord. 98-84. Passed 7-21-98; Ord. 04-168. Passed 10-13-04.)