(a)   Front yard setbacks shall be not less than as established in the schedule set forth in Section 1278.06.  If a portion of the front yard in Commercial Service Districts is used for parking in accordance with such schedule, a poured concrete curb or precast concrete barrier shall be erected or installed along the parking area line not less than the distance from the front property line set forth in such schedule.  In addition, the yard between such curb or barrier and the street line shall be attractively landscaped and maintained.
   (b)   Side and rear yards, where adjoining a Residential District, shall be provided as set forth in the above schedule and such requirements shall apply to all buildings, structures and parking and open yard uses.  However, the side and rear yards may be less than scheduled for the addition to and alteration of a service, storage or industrial building existing on the effective date of this Zoning Code, if approved by the Planning Commission.  A landscaped buffer area of not less than twenty feet in width and a solid fence approximately five to seven feet high shall be required by the Planning Commission along a side or rear yard line of a Research-Office, Commercial Service or General Industrial lot where adjoining a residential lot.
   (c)   Whenever an industrial building is located on a corner lot, the width of the side yard on the side street shall be not less than seventy feet in Research-Office and General Industrial Districts and twenty-five feet in Commercial Service Districts.
   (d)   In all Industrial Districts, a five-foot parking setback from any industrial building shall be required.
(Ord. 1988-174.  Passed 10-17-88.)
   (e)   Along Royalton Road, the minimum setback for all Industrial Districts shall be 100 feet for buildings and fifty feet for parking, as measured from the centerline of the street, or as provided in the District regulations as specified in Section 1278.06, whichever is greater.
(Ord. 1988-268.  Passed 1-3-89.)