1278.01  INTENT.
   Research-Office, Commercial Service and General Industrial Districts and their regulations are established herein in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To provide, in appropriate and convenient districts, sufficient areas for carrying on research, providing commercial services and manufacturing and distributing goods to serve the community, in order to promote employment and to strengthen the economy of the community;
   (b)   To provide Research-Office Districts in appropriate and convenient locations to meet the needs of the City's expected future economy for all types of research and related types of production processes on spacious sites within well-designed buildings aesthetically grouped to create a campus-like atmosphere;
   (c)   To provide Commercial Service Districts in appropriate and convenient areas for business, contracting, distribution services, and related types of minor production processes, primarily for businesses which serve other businesses or those which serve infrequent shopping needs;
   (d)   To provide General Industrial Districts for those products and processes which normally require a large amount of motor vehicles, trucking and rail service for transportation of raw materials and finished products, but in which dust, smoke, fumes, glare, odors or other objectionable influences can be controlled;
   (e)   To improve the general environment by prohibiting dwellings, institutions, storage establishments,  and public facilities in the Industrial Districts, and, by so doing, to make land more readily available for industry;
   (f)   To protect adjacent Residential Districts by restricting the types of manufacturing uses in the surrounding areas to only those not creating objectionable influences beyond their district boundaries and by separating and insulating them from the most intense manufacturing activities through the provision of landscaped buffer areas; and
   (g)   To protect manufacturing and related development against congestion insofar as is possible and appropriate in each area by limiting the bulk of buildings in relation to the land and by providing off-street parking and loading facilities. 
   (h)   To provide for application review guidelines for adult entertainment businesses, sexually oriented business establishments. 
(Ord. 1988-174.  Passed 10-17-88; Ord. 98-96. Passed 7-21-98; Ord. 03-89. Passed 10-21-03.)