(a)   In all Industrial Districts, all buildings and land shall abut a dedicated street for the required lot width.  The minimum lot area and width for office, research, production, distribution and general industrial operation in Research-Office, Commercial Service and General Industrial Districts shall be in accordance with the following schedule:
Schedule of Lot Area, Width and Coverage Regulations
         Min. Lot Area   Min. Lot Width
District         Use      (acres)     (ft.) 
Research-Office   All uses   3   250
Commercial      All uses   1   100
Industrial "A"      All uses   1   100
   (b)   Development pursuant to subsection (a) hereof may take place on private frontage only with the prior express, written approval of the Planning Commission and the City Council.  Such approval shall be freely granted if, to the satisfaction of Council and the Commission:
      (1)   The proposed development promotes the welfare of the Municipality and its citizens and furthers the objectives of the Master Plan of the City of North Royalton;
      (2)   The private street and its use conform to all ordinances and the Zoning Map of North Royalton incorporated by Section 1268.03;
      (3)   The private street meets the standards and specifications of a dedicated public street and is approved by the City Engineer;
      (4)   The owners of the private street have agreed to maintain the street in accordance with standards for a dedicated roadway;
      (5)   The land so developed shall comply with the regulations set forth in the Schedule provided in paragraph (a) hereof;
      (6)   All other zoning standards, including, but not limited to, lot size, setbacks, parking and buffer zones, are met.
   (c)   More than one industrial building may be permitted on a single lot if the lot has adequate frontage on a dedicated street, provided that:
      (1)   All industrial buildings shall meet all zoning standards, including, but not limited to, parking requirements, side and rear yard requirements and buffer zone requirements for adjoining residentially zoned districts.
      (2)   The parcel and industrial buildings thereon shall be maintained in common ownership.
      (3)   The industrial buildings shall be arranged and spaced in compliance with all fire regulations.
(Ord. 1988-174.  Passed 10-17-88; Ord. 01-63. Passed 9-4-01)