1060.01   Burial sites.
1060.02   Management and regulation; burial of indigents.
1060.03   Numbering lots and subdivisions; plats.
1060.04   Rules and regulations.
1060.05   Sale of lots.
1060.06   Execution of conveyance.
1060.07   Register of lots.
1060.08   Annual report.
1060.09   Police powers of caretaker.
1060.10   Bequests, gifts and donations.
1060.11   Residence of Superintendent of Cedar Hill Cemetery.
1060.12   Destroying or disturbing monuments.
1060.13   Discharging firearms; disorderly or indecent control.
1060.14   Proceeds from pre-sale of plots and burial vaults at Cedar Hill Cemetery.
1060.99   Penalty.
   Cemeteries - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 759
   Duty of Clerk of Council as to Cedar Hill Cemetery Endowment Fund see ADM. 210.05
   Living quarters for Superintendent of Cedar Hill Cemetery - see ADM. 238.07
   Desecration - see GEN. OFF. 642.07
   Disorderly conduct - see GEN. OFF. 648.04