The Director of Public Service shall take possession of and be responsible for the entire management, control and regulation of all public graveyards, burial grounds and cemeteries located in or belonging to the City, subject to the laws of the State and the ordinances of the City. The Director may order the laying out of such grounds and cemeteries in suitable lots or subdivisions for family or other burial places and the embellishing of the same with trees, shrubbery and other appropriate ornaments. The Director may order the enclosing and dividing of such grounds and cemeteries with suitable buildings, appendages and other conveniences that he deems expedient. The Director shall lay out and set apart a certain portion of such grounds and cemeteries for the burial of persons who are buried at the expense of the public. The Director shall approve the sale to any person of the exclusive right of burial in any lot or subdivision designated at the time of the sale, but such lot or subdivision is subject to such regulations and ordinances as the Director or Council may prescribe.
(1969 Code Sec. 91.02)