General Provisions
   32.001   Pension fund benefits; computation
   32.002   Firefighters' Pension Fund; Board of Trustees
Police Department Regulations
   32.015   Department governed by Board of Public Works and Safety
   32.016   Forty-hour week
   32.017   Charge for out-of-state motor vehicle identification number inspections
   32.018   Motor Vehicle Inspection Fund
   32.019   False alarms
   32.020   Fees and costs for reports and records
Police Merit System
   32.035   Definitions
   32.036   Police Merit Commission
   32.037   Rules and procedures adopted by Commission
   32.038   Qualifications
   32.039   Eligibility list
   32.040   Residency requirement
   32.041   Factors considered in rating for promotions and demotions
   32.042   Performance ratings
   32.043   Service in rank required for promotion
   32.044   Filling vacancies; written exam
   32.045   Penalty for solicitation to favor promotion
   32.046   Promotions probationary for first year
   32.047   Powers to appoint or remove members; staff of Police Chief
   32.048   Salary differential
   32.049   Dismissal, suspension and punishment
   32.050   Mandatory retirement age
   32.051   Reduction of force; leave of absence
Firefighters and Police Officers Arbitration Act
   32.065   Title
   32.066   Scope
   32.067   Definitions
   32.068   Collective bargaining; right of departments
   32.069   Organization selected to be exclusive bargaining agent
   32.070   City to act in good faith; written agreement
   32.071   Requirement of arbitration
   32.072   Selection of arbitrators; compensation
   32.073   Arbitration
   32.074   Effective time period
   32.075   Fiscal matters; notice to city required
New Albany Fire Department Candidate Selection Process Act
   32.080   Title
   32.081   Agility test
   32.082   Written test
   32.083   Local police check
   32.084   Interview
   32.085   Combined final rank
   32.086   Offer of employment
   32.087   Notification of candidates
   32.088   Scores and appeal
   Chief of Police to be Sergeant-at-Arms for Common Council meetings, see § 30.19
Editor's note:
   City personnel policies do not apply in any situation covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
   During the 2008 recodification, the sections of this chapter have been changed from two digit (i.e., 32.01) to three digit (i.e., 32.001) for ease of expansion and for consistency.