General Provisions
   156.001   Title
   156.002   Purpose
   156.003   Interpretation
   156.004   Definitions
General Zone and District Regulations
   156.010   Application of regulations
   156.011   Structures and uses
   156.012   Lots and yards
   156.013   Approved water supply and sewage disposal for buildings and mobile homes
   156.014   General regulations for vehicles
   156.015   General development regulations
   156.016   Fraternity or sorority houses
   156.017   Junkyards
Establishment of Zoning Districts
   156.025   Establishment and designation
   156.026   Interpretation of boundaries
Zoning District Regulations
   156.035   Residential Districts (R-1 and R-2)
   156.036   Multi-family District (R-3, R-3A, R-4, and R-5)
   156.037   Business Districts
   156.038   Professional Office District
   156.039   Industrial District
   156.040   (Reserved)
   156.041   Government District
   156.042   Agricultural District
   156.043   Floodway District
   156.044   Historical Overlay District
   156.045   Use Classification Table
Special Regulations
   156.050   Signs
   156.051   Manufactured/Mobile Home Regulations
   156.052   Screening and landscaping
   156.053   Nonconforming uses, structures, and premises
   156.054   Planned development project regulations
   156.055   Home occupation regulations
   156.056   Adult-oriented businesses
   156.057   Cellular antenna tower regulations
   156.060   Application for zoning map and text amendments
   156.061   Notice of public hearing
   156.062   Procedure of Commission for zoning map amendment
   156.063   Findings necessary for map amendment
   156.064   Action by Murray City Council on zoning map amendments
   156.065   Recommendation of  Commission for text amendments
Administration, Enforcement and Violations
   156.075   Administration and enforcement
   156.076   Building permits
   156.077   Certificate of occupancy
   156.078   Complaints regarding violations
   156.079   Applications and permits
   156.080   Board of Zoning Adjustments
   156.081   Conditional use permits
   156.082   Dimensional variances
   156.083   Appeals
   156.084   Planning Commission
Stormwater Conveyance, Erosion Control, and Pollution Prevention
   156.090   Purpose
   156.091   Definitions
   156.092   Stormwater conveyance, management, and water quality facilities required
   156.093   Stormwater conveyance facilities and water quality design criteria
   156.094   Stormwater management facilities design criteria
   156.095   Erosion control
   156.096   Issuance of certificate of occupancy
   156.097   Stormwater pollution prevention
Transient Business Regulations
   156.100   Intent
   156.101   Definitions
   156.102   Procedure
   156.103   Required conditions
   156.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Area and dimensions regulations for all zoning districts
   Appendix B:   Zoning map
   Appendix C:   Planning and zoning fees
   Appendix D:   Application of zoning regulations to a residential structure and lot
   Appendix E:   Lots and areas
   Zoning map changes, see T.S.O. IX
Statutory reference:
   Statutory authorization, see KRS Chapter 100