General Provisions
   155.01   Purpose
   155.02   Short title
   155.03   Authority and administration
   155.04   Area of jurisdiction
   155.05   Definitions
   155.06   General requirements
Minimum Design Standards
   155.10   Streets
   155.11   Blocks
   155.12   Lots
   155.13   Off-street loading and parking facilities
   155.14   Utility and drainage easements
   155.15   Community facilities design standards
   155.20   Completion of improvements prior to approval of final plat
   155.21   Delineation of subdivision and lots
   155.22   Street construction
   155.23   Sidewalk construction
   155.24   Building site construction
   155.25   Utilities and drainage facilities
   155.26   Street name signs
Storm Water Conveyance, Erosion Control, and Pollution Prevention
   155.30   Purpose
   155.31   Definitions
   155.32   Storm water conveyance, management, and water quality facilities required
   155.33   Storm water conveyance facilities and water quality design criteria
   155.34   Storm water management facilities design criteria
   155.35   Erosion control
   155.36   Issuance of certificate of occupancy
   155.37   Stormwater pollution prevention
Procedure for Approval of Land to be Subdivided
   155.40   Approval of subdivision plat required
   155.41   Major or minor subdivision
   155.42   Plat review charge
   155.43   Preliminary plat required
   155.44   Subdivision of portion of larger tract
   155.45   Procedure for preliminary plat approval
   155.46   Construction, bond, or cash required before final plat approved
   155.47   Final plat required
   155.48   Procedure for final plat approval
   155.49   Improvements made under bond or other security
   155.50   Acceptance and dedication of streets
   155.60   Variances for unusual physical conditions
   155.61   Variances for design innovation and large-scale development
   155.62   Variances in conflict with zoning regulation
Amendments and Legal Status
   155.70   Amendments
   155.71   Legal status
   155.98   Violation
   155.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Certification forms and check lists
   Appendix B:   Maps