(A)   Intent.  This zone is primarily for offices and related uses. Generally, this zone should be located between residential and commercial uses on the same street frontage so as to serve as a transitional buffer.
   (B)   Permitted principal uses.  Professional business and government offices and laboratories.Permitted principal uses. Refer to § 156.045 Use Classification Table.
      (1)   Professional business and government offices and laboratories.
      (2)   Medical and dental offices and photography studios. 
   (C)   Permitted accessory structures and uses.  Garage or other building not used as a dwelling and incidental to the principal use in rear yards only.
   (D)   Conditional uses. Refer to § 156.045 Use Classification Table.
      (1)   Private hospitals and clinics, religious assembly.
      (2)   Planned-development projects.
      (3)   Dwelling units occupying the same building in which is conducted the principal use of the premises on which it is situated.
   (E)   Prohibited uses.
      (1)   Dwelling units except as provided for herein.
      (2)   Any use that is retail in nature and not incidental to the office use.
      (3)   Any use not listed as permitted and not approved as conditional use.
      (4)   Adult-oriented businesses.
   (F)   Lot, yard, and height regulations.
      (1)   Minimum lot.  7,500 square feet.
      (2)   Minimum lot frontage. 75 feet.
      (3)   Minimum front yard. 35 feet.
      (4)   Minimum side yard.  10 feet.
      (5)   Minimum rear yard.  25 feet.
      (6)   Maximum lot coverage. 35%.
      (7)   Maximum height.  35 feet.
      (8)   Professional office uses adjacent to residential districts. All non-residential uses in Professional Office Districts which are located on lots adjacent to a residential district shall maintain a minimum setback requirement for all structures of 25 feet in the side or rear yard adjacent to the residential district and § 156.052 will apply.
(Ord. 794, passed 12-22-83; Am. Ord. 89-890, passed 4-27-89; Am. Ord. 90-925, passed 7-26-90; Am. Ord. 98-1174, passed 12-28-98; Am. Ord. 2019-1789, passed 10-24-19)  Penalty, see § 156.999