(A)   The final action for a zoning map amendment is made by the Planning Commission. As the legislative body the Murray City Council may choose to file a notice with the Planning Commission to request that the legislative body decide the proposed map amendment. An aggrieved person may also file a written request that the final decision be made by the legislative body.
   (B)   Before any amendment to the zoning map is granted, the Murray City Council must find that the map amendment is in agreement with the comprehensive plan adopted by the Commission, or in the absence of such a finding, that:
      (1)   The existing zoning classification given to the property was inappropriate or improper, or
      (2)   There have been major changes of an economic, physical or social nature within the area involved which were not anticipated by the Commission and which have substantially altered the basic character of such area.
   (C)   The City Council’s findings shall not merely parrot the statutory requirements of KRS 100.213. as amended or divisions (B)(l) or (2) above, but shall include sufficient findings of adjudicatory facts specific to the property requested to be rezoned and/or the surrounding area.
   (D)   It shall take a majority of the entire Murray City Council to override the recommendations of the Commission.
   (E)   All procedures for public notice and publication as well as for adoption shall be the same as for the original enactment of a zoning regulation as outlined in KRS 100.211, and the notice of publication shall include the street address of the property in question, or if one is not available, or if it is not practicable due to the number of addresses involved, a geographic description sufficient to locate and identify the property and the names of the two streets on either side of the property which intersect the street on which the property is located. If the property is located at the intersection of two streets, the notice shall designate the intersection by name of both streets rather than name the two streets on either side of the property.
(Ord. 794, passed 12-22-83; Am. Ord. 90-925, passed 7-26-90; Am. Ord. 2016-1710, passed 8-11-16)