(A)   Intent.  This zone is intended for manufacturing, industrial, and related uses.  This section distinguishes between light and heavy industry and their potential for becoming a nuisance.
   (B)   Permitted principal uses. Refer to § 156.045 Use Classification Table.
      (1)   Non-retail sales and services such as warehousing, wholesaling, recycling centers and trucking terminals.
      (2)   Light industry.  The Board of Zoning Adjustments shall distinguish between the light and heavy industry according to the definition in § 156.004 of this zoning code upon application by the Zoning Official when the classification is in doubt.
      (3)   Research laboratories, aviation facilities and storage buildings.
      (4)   All uses in this zone shall be conducted in a completely enclosed building, except for outdoor storage uses which shall be enclosed on all sides by a solid wall or fence not less than six feet in height.
      (5)   Transient businesses as prescribed in §§ 156.100 et seq. and mobile food vendors.
   (C)   Permitted accessory uses.
      (1)   Off-street parking areas and structures, and loading facilities.
      (2)   Dwelling units for watchmen or caretakers provided that such facilities shall be located on the same premises as the permitted use.
      (3)   Outdoor storage of products manufactured on the premises or materials to be used in manufacture on the premises provided that such outdoor storage shall be enclosed on all sides by a solid wall or fence not less than six feet in height.
      (4)   Facilities for serving food only for employees and visitors and having no direct access to the exterior and having no signs visible from the exterior of the building.
      (5)   Offices.
      (6)   Recreational facilities for employees.
   (D)   Permitted conditional uses. Refer to § 156.045 Use Classification Table.
      (1)   Basic industry.
      (2)   Outdoor storage and processing.
      (3)   Retail sales and consumer services.
      (4)   Planned-development projects other than residential uses.
      (5)   Religious assembly.
      (6)   Adult-oriented businesses.
      (7)   Indoor entertainment, recreational equipment sales, theater, plant nursery, club or lodge, and day care services.
   (E)   Prohibited uses.
      (1)   Dwelling units except as provided for herein.
      (2)   Basic industrial use without prior approval from the Board of Zoning Adjustments.
      (3)   Packaged liquor stores, bars, taverns and similar type businesses.
   (F)   Lot, yard, and height regulations.
      (1)   Minimum lot.  No limitation.
      (2)   Minimum lot frontage. 75 feet minimum.
      (3)   Minimum front yard.  50 feet. 
      (4)   Minimum side yard.  No limitation.
      (5)   Minimum rear yard.  35 feet.  (The Board of Zoning Adjustments may upon application by the Zoning Official reduce the required rear yard where such rear yards would be adjacent to railroad sidings if such reduction would not be detrimental to surrounding area.)
      (6)   Minimum lot coverage. No limitation.
      (7)   Maximum height. 75 feet.
      (8)   All nonresidential uses which are adjacent to a residential use located within the Industrial Zoning District are required to erect screening in accordance with  § 156.052.
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