(A)   Before any zoning map amendment is granted by the Planning Commission it must find that the map amendment is in agreement with the community’s comprehensive plan, or, in the absence of such a finding, that one or more of the following apply and such finding shall be recorded in the minutes and records of the Planning Commission.
      (1)   The existing zoning classification given to the property is inappropriate and the proposed zoning classification is appropriate.
      (2)   There have been major changes of an economic, physical, or social nature within the area involved which were not anticipated in the adopted comprehensive plan and which have substantially altered the basic character of such area.
   (B)   The findings of fact made by the Commission shall be recorded in the minutes and records of the Commission.
   (C)   The Commission’s findings shall not merely parrot the statutory requirements of KRS 100.213. as amended but shall include sufficient findings of adjudicatory facts specific to the property requested to be rezoned and/or the surrounding areas.
   (D)   Once the Planning Commission has made a determination of fact and recommendation to the Murray City Council concerning the disposition of zoning on an individual tract of land, said tract of land, or any portion thereof, shall not be reconsidered by the Planning Commission for reclassification to the same zone for a period of at least six months, except upon application for reclassification initiated by the Planning Commission or Murray City Council.
(Ord. 794, passed l2-22-83; Am. Ord. 90-925, passed 7-26-90; Am. Ord. 2008-1468, passed 7-24-08; Am. Ord. 2016-1710, passed 8-11-16)