§ 156.035  RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS (R-1 and R-2).
   (A)   Intent.  These zones are established to provide for low density single-family detached dwellings with their accompanying green areas, their accessory and incidental uses.
   (B)   Permitted principal uses.  Single-family detached dwellings. Refer to § 156.045 Use Classification Table.
   (C)   Permitted accessory structures and uses.
      (1)   Carports, private garages, storage sheds, and parking areas.  All property owners are asked to check their subdivision regulations since they may be more restrictive than the zoning code.
      (2)   Accessory uses customarily incidental to the principal use of the premises, such as short-term rentals.
      (3)   Home occupations refer to § 156.055 Home Occupation Regulations.
   (D)   Conditional uses. Refer to § 156.045 Use Classification Table.
      (1)   Renting of sleeping rooms or taking of boarders or tourists by the owner family on the premises, excluding short-term rentals.
      (2)   Accessory dwelling unit, refer to definition.
      (3)   A group of not to exceed four (4) persons not all related by blood or marriage, occupying the premises and living as a single, non-profit housekeeping unit.
      (4)   Religious Assembly and home day cares.
      (5)   Single family residential planned development in an R-2 zone.
   (E)   Prohibited uses.
      (1)   Any use not listed as permitted is prohibited in the R-1 and R-2 Zoning District.  Home occupations in these zones must be incidental to the principal use and not alter the appearance of the structure or the nature of the home in any appreciable manner.
      (2)   Adult-oriented businesses.
   (F)   Lot, yard, and height regulations.
      (1)   Minimum lot.
         (a)   R-1 - 15,000 square feet.
         (b)   R-2 - 10,000 square feet.
      (2)   Minimum lot frontage on a public street.
         (a)   R-1 - 100 feet.
         (b)   R-2 - 75 feet.
         (c)   Turnarounds or cul-de-sacs shall front for a minimum of 40 feet on a public street.  However, the lots shall be the minimum of 100 feet for R-1 and 75 feet for R-2 at the building line, even on turnarounds.
      (3)   Minimum front yards.
         (a)   R-1 - 40 feet
         (b)   R-2 - 30 feet
         (c)   The front yard on corner lots shall be as designated for the front yard facing the principal street and a minimum of 25 feet for the front yard facing the secondary street.
      (4)   Minimum side yards.
         (a)   R-1 - 15 feet.
         (b)   R-2 - 10 feet.
      (5)   Minimum rear yards.  R-1 and R-2 - 25 feet.
      (6)   Maximum lot coverage.  R-1 and R-2 - 35%.
      (7)   Maximum height.  R-1 and R-2 - 35 feet.
      (8)   Accessory buildings are permitted only in rear yards and shall be located at least five feet from all lot lines except on corner lots where secondary yard restrictions will apply.
*Subdivision regulations may vary from subdivision to subdivision.  Please check to see if setbacks differ and  if accessory buildings are allowed  and where they are allowed.
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