Method of Parking
   72.01   Parking within lines delineating parking space
   72.02   Standing or parking close to curb
   72.03   Signs or markings indicating angle parking
   72.04   Lights on parked vehicles
Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in
Certain Places and For Certain Purposes
   72.15   Stopping in street
   72.16   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in certain places
   72.17   Parking not to obstruct traffic
   72.18   Parking in alleys
   72.19   Standing or parking for certain purposes prohibited
   72.20   Permit required for standing or parking vehicle for purpose of advertising
   72.21   Parking adjacent to schools
   72.22   Standing or parking on one-way roadways
   72.23   Stopping, standing or parking near hazardous or congested places prohibited
   72.24   Standing or parking on city owned or leased parking lots
   72.25   Accessible parking spaces
   72.26   Use of parking, circulation, and loading space
   72.27   Parking for electric vehicles at or near charging stations
Stopping, Standing or Parking Restricted or
Prohibited on Certain Streets
   72.35   Application of provisions
   72.36   Regulations not exclusive
   72.37   Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets
   72.38   Parking time limited on certain streets
   72.39   Parking signs required
   72.40   Tampering with tire markings
Stopping, Standing or Parking Restricted or Prohibited in Residential Districts
   72.45   Stopping, standing or parking restricted and prohibited in residential districts
Loading and Unloading Zones
   72.50   Parking in loading and unloading zones
   72.51   School loading zones
   72.52   Commercial loading zones
   72.53   Public carrier stops and stands
   72.54   Stopping, standing and parking of buses and taxicabs
   72.55   Restricted use of bus and taxicab stands
   72.56   Parking of commercial vehicles in traffic lanes
   72.57   Loading and unloading prohibited at all times on certain streets
   72.58   Loading and unloading signs required
   72.60   Enforcement of parking violations
   72.61   Use of wheel locks on vehicles with unpaid and outstanding parking penalties
   72.62   Towing of vehicles