(A)   City of Monroe Police Officers or other designated officials are hereby authorized to tow, or arrange for vehicles to be towed, when authorized by law or when otherwise parked in violation of the following:
      (1)   Vehicles parked or left standing on a public street or right-of-way so as to interfere with the regular flow of traffic or otherwise constitute a hazard;
      (2)   Vehicles parked or left standing in a city-owned or leased parking lot in violation of § 72.24 which has been designated by City Ordinance as a "tow-away zone" and where signs notifying operators of such designation are located at entrances to such lots;
      (3)   Any other areas designated by ordinance as a "tow-away zone" and where signs have been erected notifying operators of such designation.
   (B)   Vehicles towed pursuant to this Section shall be towed by wrecker operators upon the same terms and conditions set out in Chapter 38 of the Code of Ordinances and stored in a safe approved storage facility until the owner or other person entitled to possession of the vehicle pays any civil penalty associated with the violation along with all towing and storage fee incident to the violation. The Chief of Police shall cause a notification of towing to be sent to the address of the registered owner of the vehicle by first class mail within 24 hours of towing.
   (C)   The owner or other person entitled to possession of the vehicle which has been towed pursuant to this section may submit a request in writing for hearing to the City Clerk upon posting with the city a bond in an amount equal to the amount of any civil penalty and late fees incurred due to the violation plus the cost of towing and storing the vehicle. Upon posting the required bond, the vehicle shall be released to the owner or person entitled to possession. If a hearing is requested, the City Manager, or designated Hearing Officer, shall cause a notice be sent to the requesting party informing him/her of the time and place of the hearing, and of the right to present evidence as to why the vehicle should not have been towed. The City Manager or Hearing Officer shall conduct a hearing at the time and place designated in the notice and, prepare a written report of his/her findings within a reasonable time following the hearing. The report shall state his/her conclusion as to whether the vehicle was properly towed, and the reasons underlying his conclusion. If it is concluded that the vehicle was improperly immobilized or towed, the bond posted with the city shall be rebated to the owner/operator.
(Ord. O-2003-54, passed 9-2-03; Am. Ord. O-2009-33, passed 11-17-09)