General Provisions
   71.01   Boarding or alighting from motor vehicles in motion
   71.02   Riding on portion of motor vehicle not designed or intended for passengers
   71.03   Entering or jumping on vehicle without consent
   71.04   Allowing parts of body to protrude beyond limits of vehicle
   71.05   Limitation on number of persons in front seat of motor vehicle
   71.06   Hanging on to moving vehicle
   71.07   Roller skating and the like, in central business district including certain residential streets
   71.08   Obstruction of view of approaching traffic at intersection
   71.09   Blocking of flow of traffic on street by railroad
   71.10   Funeral processions
   71.11   Backing vehicle into intersection or crosswalk
   71.12   Moving parked vehicles from curb
   71.13   Driving from street to street across property at intersection
   71.14   Obedience to signs indicating zone of quiet
   71.15   Driving upon barricaded street
   71.16   Controlled access roadways
   71.17   Headlights to be dimmed on lighted streets
   71.18   Driving over fire hose or blocking fire-fighting equipment
   71.19   Driving agricultural machinery over asphalt-paved streets
   71.20   Spilling of crushed rock, dirt, garbage, liquids, trash and other objectionable material
   71.21   Trucks prohibited on certain streets
   71.22   Through trucks
   71.23   Special events
Speed Regulations
   71.35   Speed limit
   71.36   Exceptions
Turning Movements
   71.45   Required position and method of turning at intersection
   71.46   Turning markers
   71.47   Authority to place restricted turn signs
   71.48   Obedience to no-turn signs
   71.49   Limitations on turning around
One-Way Streets and Alleys
   71.60   Placement of identifying signs
   71.61   One-way streets and alleys
Special Stops Required
   71.75   Designation of through streets
   71.76   Authority to erect stop signs
   71.77   Intersections where stop required
   71.78   Signs to bear the word “stop”
   71.79   Vehicles to stop at stop signs
   71.80   Emerging from alley, driveway or building
   71.81   Stop when traffic obstructed