(A)   The City Council may designate certain parking spaces on city streets or public parking lots at or near electric charging stations for use only by electric vehicles. An electric vehicle is one that operates, either partially or exclusively, on electrical energy from the grid, or an off grid source, that is stored on board for motive purpose. An electric charging station is equipment that has as its primary purpose the transfer of electric energy to a battery or other energy storage device on an electric vehicle.
   (B)   Spaces designated as reserved for electric vehicles shall be clearly marked as such. When a space has been so marked no person shall park or stand any nonelectric vehicle in that space. If an electric vehicle is parked in such a designated space but is not attached to the charging station it is in violation of this ordinance. Any nonelectric vehicle so parked is subject to civil fine or removal. The fine for violation of this section is fifty dollars ($50) and shall be collected in the same manner and with the same penalties for late payment as other on street parking violations. Any vehicle parked in such a space must make the appropriate payment for the space and observe the time limit for the underlying parking zone. A schedule of such accessible parking spaces shall be as set forth in Ch. 76, Sched. IX.
(Ord. O-2017-17, passed 6-6-17)