945.01   Definitions.
945.02   Defacement, destruction, removal or disturbance of property, equipment and natural features.
945.03   Littering, rubbish, garbage, sewage and noxious material.
945.04   Firearms, fireworks, explosives and alcoholic beverages.
945.05   Indecent conduct and exposure.
945.06   Disorderly conduct.
945.07   Advertising and signs.
945.08   Compliance with orders of Police Officers.
945.09   Camps and camping.
945.10   Commercial enterprises.
945.11   Camp fires and barbecue fires.
945.12   Hours of closing.
945.13   Hunting, fishing and molesting wildlife.
945.14   Horseback riding.
945.15   Traffic.
945.16   Community Building.
945.17   Bicentennial Park Ballfield.
Land appropriations for parks - see Ohio R. C. 715.21, 719.01
Playgrounds - see Ohio R. C. 755.12 et seq.
Power to regulate vehicle speed in parks - see Ohio R. C. 4511.07(E)