6-1-5: CAPTAIN:
   A.   Duties And Responsibilities:
      1.   Under the direct supervision of the chief of police, the captain shall coordinate, evaluate, and oversee the work activities, duties, and conduct of all sworn officers and civilian employees within the police department. Above and beyond his duties as a sworn officer, he shall interpret and assure adherence to department policies and procedures; resolve at one step employee work grievances; and administer appropriate corrective discipline. He shall review, approve, and maintain records, reports, and files of pertinent information.
      2.   The captain shall maintain and evaluate training within the department and review and evaluate work performance. He shall maintain liaison with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. In the absence of the chief of police, the captain may assume administrative duties of the position. (Ord. 982, 6-4-1990)
   B.   Compensation: The captain shall be compensated at twice the rate of the sergeant as set forth in the collective bargaining agreement entered into between the village of Milan and the Illinois Fraternal Order Of Police Labor Council, Blackhawk Valley Lodge No. 219, as amended from time to time. The captain shall also be entitled to receive the same benefits to which all other employees of the Milan police department are entitled to under the terms of the said collective bargaining agreement. (Ord. 1599, 4-7-2014)