A.   Bond: Before entering upon his duties, the chief of police shall file with the village clerk a bond in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) with sureties to be approved by the board of trustees, conditioned to indemnify the village for any loss or liability due to or occasioned by any act or failure to act on the part of the chief of police.
   B.   Duties:
      1.   The chief of police shall have charge and control of the village police department and shall be responsible for the faithful and efficient conduct of the department, subject to the supervision of the village president and board of trustees. He shall keep such records and make and preserve such reports concerning the activities of his department as are necessary to carry out the intent and purpose hereof.
      2.   The chief of police shall faithfully execute all policies transmitted to him by the village president and board of trustees; shall faithfully perform all such duties as may be imposed by law and the ordinances of the village; and shall establish such rules and regulations as he may deem advisable, consistent with the provisions of this chapter, for the proper administration and operation of the department.
      3.   The chief of police shall exercise control and command of all sworn officers and other employees of the police department while on duty, including the designation and assignment of all police duties and posts within each rank or job classification, in such manner as he deems appropriate to secure the faithful and efficient conduct and performance by the police department of its lawful functions. (Ord. 982, 6-4-1990)
      4.   When a search of the police records is requested for any lawful purpose, it shall be the duty of the chief of police to perform such search and to report the results thereof to the requesting party within a reasonable time. The chief may delegate the performance of this duty to any officer or employee of the police department. The chief may establish from time to time a reasonable fee for such service, and any fees collected shall be turned over to the chief who shall deposit them with the village clerk. (Ord. 1063, 5-16-1994)
      5.   The chief of police shall have the custody of all lost, abandoned, or stolen property recovered by the department for the village. (Ord. 982, 6-4-1990)