A.   Chief: The village president shall appoint the chief of police, with the advice and consent of the board of trustees. The chief of police shall only be suspended or removed for cause. In the event that a person under the authority of the board of police commissioners is appointed chief of police and then is removed for cause from said position, the person so removed shall return to the police rank held prior to becoming chief of police.
   B.   Other Officers: The board of police commissioners shall have the powers of appointment of patrol officers; promotion from patrol officer to sergeant, captain and investigator; and suspension, for periods exceeding five (5) days, or discharge of all full time sworn officers, except the chief of police. In no event shall any person be appointed or retained as a police officer unless such person has been certified as eligible for the police pension fund, except the occupant of the office of chief of police. (Ord. 982, 6-4-1990; amd. 2011 Code)