Article I. General Provisions
   49-1   State Sanitary Code adopted
   49-2   Cleaning and depositing fish on public property prohibited
   49-3   Discharge of certain water into public sewer system and streets prohibited; enforcement
   49-4 – 49-9   Reserved
Article II. Sanitary Nuisances
   49-10   Definition
   49-11   Power of Health Officer to determine existence of sanitary nuisance
   49-12   Obnoxious and contaminating odors from businesses
   49-13   Windblown refuse
   49-14   Breeding places for mosquitoes
   49-15   Abatement procedure
   49-16 – 49-19   Reserved
Article III. Lot Clearance
   49-20   Definition
   49-21   Duty of property owners not to permit accumulations of garbage and weeds on land
   49-22   Resolution prescribing land to be cleared; notice to property owner; failure to comply with notice
   49-23   Costs when land is cleared by Town; billing owner; notice to Commission of failure to pay bill
   49-24   Costs of clearing by Town to constitute lien on property; enforcement of lien
   49-25 – 49-39   Reserved
Article IV. Tree and Shrub Removal Affecting Public Property or Utilities Serving the Public
   49-40   Definitions
   49-41   Removal of decayed, diseased, dead or dangerous trees or shrubs or portions thereof
   49-42   Recorded statement constitutes a lien
   49-43   Appeals
   49-44 – 49-49   Reserved
Article V. Mortgaged Real Property
   49-50   Reserved
   49-51   Purpose and intent
   49-52   Definitions
   49-53   Applicability
   49-54   Penalties
   49-55   Registration of real property mortgagees holding mortgages in default
   49-56   Maintenance requirements
   49-57   Security requirements
   49-58   Opposing, obstructing enforcement officer; penalty
   49-59   Immunity of enforcement officer
   49-60   Additional authority
Article VI. Attractive Nuisance Condition
   49-61   Attractive nuisance prohibited
   49-62   Attractive nuisance condition; violation
   49-63   Condition may be remedied by town
   49-64–49-99   Reserved