Article I. Stormwater Utility
   27-1   Findings and purpose
   27-2   Definitions
   27-3   Town stormwater management program
   27-4   Stormwater management system benefits area
   27-5   Stormwater utility fee; rate resolution
   27-6   Preparation and certification of the annual stormwater utility assessment roll to the Tax Collector
   27-7   Method of collection of annual stormwater utility assessment
   27-8   Separately prepared stormwater utility assessment notice
   27-9   Correction of errors and omissions; adjustments; petition to Town Commission
   27-10   Failure to include real property on annual stormwater utility assessment roll
   27-11   Application of annual stormwater utility assessment to governmental agencies
   27-12   Applicability of stormwater utility assessment to tax exempt real property
   27-13   Stormwater Utility Fund
Article II.  Illicit Discharge and Connection
   27-20   Short title
   27-21   Objectives
   27-22   Definitions
   27-23   Applicability
   27-24   Compatibility with other regulations
   27-25   Severability
   27-26   Ultimate responsibility
   27-27   Control of pollutant contributions from interconnected municipal separate storm sewer systems
   27-28   Prohibitions
   27-29   Stormwater discharges from commercial, industrial or construction activities to the municipal separate storm sewer system or regulated waters
   27-30   Authorized exemptions
   27-31   Emergency conditions
   27-32   Inspection and monitoring for compliance
   27-33   Reporting requirements
   27-34   Violations; enforcement; penalties
   27-35   Schedule of penalties
   27-36   Use of penalty awards
Article III. Stormwater Runoff; Fertilizer
   27-50   Findings and purpose
   27-51   Definitions
   27-52   Applicability
   27-53   Timing of fertilizer application
   27-54   Fertilizer free zones
   27-55   Low maintenance zone
   27-56   Fertilizer content and application rates
   27-57   Application practices
   27-58   Management of grass clippings and vegetative matter
   27-59   Exemptions
   27-60   Proof of training of commercial applicators