(A)   The applicant shall obtain a permit for all federally regulated activities involving waters of the U.S. from the appropriate federal authorities. The applicant shall obtain a permit from the county (or the certified community) for all developments having a wetland impact. The applicant shall indicate on the plans the location of any onsite wetland mitigation required by a COE permit and, in narrative form, the location of all offsite mitigation.
   (B)   A wetland submittal in accordance with the detailed requirements of this subchapter shall be required. In general, the submittal will consist of the following material:
      (1)   Wetland delineation report (COE format);
      (2)   Calculation of required buffer (including the size and quality when calculated);
      (3)   Wetland delineation plan, plan view drawing:
         (a)   All existing and proposed impacted or undisturbed onsite wetlands;
         (b)   Location of the buffers; and
         (c)   Planting plan for buffers; and
         (d)   Identify all required wetland management activities;
      (4)   For all stream modifications, the following shall be submitted:
         (a)   A plan and profile of the existing and proposed channel; and
         (b)   Supporting calculations for channel width, depth, sinuosity, riffle locations and similar features.
         (c)   If the development will have a wetland impact, the requirements of this subchapter shall be met.
(Ord. 2019-03, passed 4-15-2019)