All developments shall obtain a stormwater management permit, requiring compliance with §§ 151.206 and 151.207 of this subchapter, after the effective date hereof, if one of the following scenarios apply:
   (A)   Two or more single-family, detached dwellings are to be constructed on a site having five or more acres;
   (B)   A two-family attached, multi-family attached dwelling, condominium, apartment or other residential building comprised of more than two units is to be constructed on a site one acre or more in size;
   (C)   Any nonresidential development on a site one acre or more in size, unless the development consists solely of the installation, repair or replacement of the underground or overhead lines of a public utility within a public right-of-way.
   (D)   Redevelopment on a site one acre or more in size, resulting in 25,000 square feet or more of additional impervious area in aggregate, from the effective date of this subchapter; or
   (E)   Road development after the effective date hereof in rights-of-way under the ownership or control of a unit of local government, resulting in two acres or more of additional impervious area; or
   (F)   The repair or replacement of an existing parking lot or privately-owned road within the floodplain results in any additional impervious surface, an increase in peak flows, a change in the location of the stormwater discharge, or an increase in the elevation of the parking or driving surface.
(Ord. 2019-03, passed 4-15-2019)