(A)   Before any development in or near waters of the U.S., or in or near a wetland delineated on the NRCS Wetland Inventory Maps, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetland Inventory Map, or if the Administrator considers that a wetland is present through visual inspection, a written report identifying and evaluating the boundaries, location, limits, area and quality of all onsite wetlands shall be submitted. The presence and limits of wetland areas shall be determined by a wetland delineation conducted in accordance with the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual. Before any development on agricultural land, in addition to the onsite delineation required under the provisions listed herein above, a farmed wetland delineation conducted in accordance with the National Food Security Act Manual methodology must be performed.
   (B)   The quality of the wetlands shall be evaluated based upon the Flora Quality Index (FQI).
   (C)   The approximate location, extent and relative quality of wetlands within 50 feet of the site shall be identified and included in the written report, if the wetland is downstream of the development such that the run off could negatively affect the quality or health of the wetland. The location and extent of such offsite wetlands shall be determined by using the first of the following documents or procedures pertaining to such wetlands at the time of development:
      (1)   Site-specific delineation;
      (2)   Wetlands identified in watershed plans or ADID studies. If such plans are not available, then;
      (3)   Wetlands identified in interim watershed plans. If such plans are not available, then;
      (4)   Wetlands identified on NRCS wetlands inventory maps. If such maps are not available, then;
      (5)   Wetlands identified on the United States Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory maps.
   (D)   Final FQI assessments made before June 1 or after October 15, unless allowed at the discretion of the Administrator, shall be considered to be preliminary. Buffer requirements shall be based upon such assessments.
   (E)   All wetland mitigation required under a COE Section 404 permit for wetland disturbances in the village, shall be provided for. All wetland mitigation required under this subchapter for wetland impacts in the village shall be provided for in the same watershed where the wetland disturbances occurred.
(Ord. 2019-03, passed 4-15-2019)