§ 151.239  VARIANCES.
   In order to provide an avenue to allow relief from strict compliance with the requirements of this subchapter, where it is deemed impractical to achieve that compliance, variances from specific provisions of this subchapter may be granted by the Village Board pursuant to the following procedures identified below.
   (A)   A variance from the original petition submittal may be granted when the record supports the applicant’s right to some relief.
   (B)   When granting a variance, the decision-making authority may impose specific conditions and limitations on the applicant concerning any matter relating to the purposes and objectives of this subchapter as may be necessary or appropriate.
   (C)   When a variance is granted that includes condition(s) required to be met by the applicant, the applicant shall file evidence with the Administrator that the condition(s) have been met.
(Ord. 2019-03, passed 4-15-2019)