The applicant shall obtain approval from IDNR-OWR and FEMA, when required, for all new base flood and floodway determinations or as required in this subchapter. Documentation supporting a finding by the qualified review specialist that the proposed development is in compliance with this subchapter, and shall be submitted with the application. At a minimum, the following material shall be submitted for approval with the application.
   (A)   Regulatory floodplain boundary determina-tion.
      (1)   Provide source of flood profile information; and
      (2)   Provide all hydrologic and hydraulic study information for site-specific floodplain studies, unnumbered Zone A area elevation determinations, and floodplain map revisions.
   (B)   Floodplain fill and compensatory storage calculations.  Floodplain fill and compensatory storage calculations for below and above ten-year flood elevation, up to the base flood elevation.
      (1)   Tabular summary for below and above ten-year flood elevation of fill, compensatory storage and compensatory storage ratios provided in proposed plan; and
      (2)   Cross sections used for the above calculations.
   (C)   Floodproofing measures.
      (1)   Narrative discussion of floodproofing measures including material specifications, calculations, design details and operation summary; and
      (2)   Flood easements, when required by this subchapter.
   (D)   Current statewide permits.  Current statewide permits and such information that indicates that the development qualifies for the particular permits in question under the regulations established for such permit(s) by IDNR-OWR.
(Ord. 2019-03, passed 4-15-2019)