(A)   A stormwater management permit is required if:
      (1)   The development is located in the regulatory floodplain;
      (2)   A substantial improvement is to be located in the regulatory floodplain;
      (3)   There is any regulatory floodplain within the site; or
      (4)   The development disturbs more than 10,000 square feet of ground or 500 cubic yards of soil, unless the development consists solely of:
         (a)   The installation, renovation or replacement of a septic system, potable water service line or other utility serving an existing structure;
         (b)   The maintenance, repair or at-grade replacement of existing lawn areas not otherwise requiring a stormwater permit under this subchapter;
         (c)   The maintenance of an existing stormwater facility, not requiring other state or federal permits or approvals;
         (d)   Construction of a dwelling or development within a subdivision in which the village approved a final subdivision plat.
   (B)   All appropriate stormwater management related approvals and permits, including, without limitation, an IDNR-OWR floodway/floodplain construction permit, a COE 404 permit and an IDNR-OWR dam safety permit, if required, shall be obtained from all federal, state and regional authorities prior to the issuance of a stormwater management permit.
   (C)   At the time an applicant files his or her application for a stormwater management permit, site plan review, subdivision, planned unit development or annexation, the applicant shall deposit with the village the sum of $3,000 as a security deposit for the payment and satisfaction of the costs, engineering, planning, legal and other professional fees. This sum shall be returned to the applicant within 60 days following the complete payment and satisfaction of all sums due herein. In the event the applicant fails to satisfy the financial obligations herein, the village may apply all or any portion of the security deposit against the obligation. The village may maintain an action at law or in equity to enforce the provisions of this section. The applicant shall be responsible for all costs and attorney’s fees incurred by the village in the enforcement of the provisions of this section, whether or not suit is filed. The Building and Zoning Officer is authorized to issue a stop-work order, if applicable, until the applicant pays and satisfies his or her obligations in full.
   (D)   At the time an applicant files his or her application for the issuance of a stormwater management permit, the village shall furnish the applicant with a form that shall read substantially as follows:
The following firm, representative, agent or individual does hereby state that it has been fully disclosed to said party that, in order for the village to properly review and evaluate requests for a stormwater management permit, the village must necessarily utilize and engage the services of engineering, planning, legal and other professional consultants. The undersigned hereby agrees to pay to the village, either by reimbursement or directly to the professionals providing services, the reasonable costs incurred by the village for such services pertaining to the request of a stormwater management permit. It is further understood and agreed that all invoices for such services shall be paid promptly when submitted, but not later than 30 days, and that the obligation to reimburse the village or pay the professionals providing said services directly is binding, whether or not a stormwater management permit is in fact approved.
   (E)   A topographical map of the site, record drawings and other required drawings shall be prepared, signed and sealed by a professional land surveyor or professional engineer, and shall include the following documentation.
      (1)   The design of stormwater facilities, calculations for the determination of the regulatory floodplain, and calculations of the impacts of development shall meet the standards of this subchapter, and shall be prepared, signed and sealed by a professional engineer. The signature and seal of the professional engineer shall stand as his or her opinion that the submittals that accompany the permit application meet the requirements of this subchapter.
      (2)   Differential water pressure for the stormwater management project shall conform to IDNR-OWR Part 3702, Construction and Maintenance of Dams, for classification and permitting.
   (F)   No person, firm, corporation or governmental body not exempted by law shall commence any development in the floodplain without first obtaining a development permit from the village. The application for a development permit shall be accompanied by:
      (1)   Drawings of the site, drawn to scale, showing property line dimensions;
      (2)   Existing grade elevations and all changes in grade resulting from excavation or filling;
      (3)   The location and dimensions of all buildings and additions to the buildings;
      (4)   The elevation of the lowest floor (including basement) of all proposed buildings subject; and
      (5)   The cost of the project or improvements, as estimated by a licensed engineer or architect registered in the State of Illinois. A signed estimate by a contractor may also meet this requirement.
(Ord. 2019-03, passed 4-15-2019)