Fire Prevention Code
1501.01    Codes adopted.
1501.02    File and distribution copies.
1501.03    Modifications and amendments.
1501.04    Title.
1501.05    Modifications.
1501.06    Enforcement officer.
1501.07    Annual report.
1501.08    Ohio Building Code.
1501.09    Fire damaged structures; Removal or Repair Securing Fund.
1501.10    Inspections, permits and fees.
1501.11    Additional permits.
1501.12    Fire records.
1501.13    Appeals.
1501.14    Unlawful continuance.
1501.15    Reporting fires to proper authority.
1501.16    Fire lanes on private property.
1501.17    Smoking; prohibited areas.
1501.18    Nonsmoking areas in places of public assembly. (Repealed)
1501.19    Smoking in theaters. (Repealed)
1501.20    Prohibited smoking in large retail stores. (Repealed)
1501.21    Careless conduct in smoking and use of matches or lighters.
1501.22    Smoking in passenger elevators prohibited. (Repealed)
1501.23    Christmas decorative materials. (Repealed)
1501.24    Hydrants.
1501.25    Manual fire extinguishing equipment; residential buildings.
1501.26    Smoke and carbon monoxide detector and alarm requirements.
1501.27    Bureau to survey premises and specify equipment to be provided.
1501.28    Marine service stations; locking device.
1501.29    Above ground storage tanks.
1501.30    Key box required.
1501.31    General requirements.
1501.32    Extension of authority.
1501.33   Fire alarm control panel identification.
1501.34   Fire Safety Inspector attendance; fees.
1501.35   Suspension or revocation of fire safety permits.
1501.36   Solid fuel appliances.
1501.99    Penalty.