EDITOR'S NOTE: The Maumee Zoning Code was adopted by Ordinance 78-2010, passed 8-2-10. Subsequent amendments to Ordinance 78-2010 will be indicated by legislation histories placed at the end of the affected sections.
      TITLE ONE - Zoning Administration
         Chap.   1101.   Definitions.
         Chap. 1103.   General Provisions and Penalty.
         Chap.   1105.   Administration Procedures and Enforcement.
         Chap.   1107.   Amendments to Zoning Code.
      TITLE TWO - District Regulations
         Chap.   1123.   Districts Established; Zoning Map.
         Chap.   1125.   District Regulations.
         Chap.   1127.   Overlay District Regulations.
         Chap.   1129.   Interim Design Review Overlay District Regulations. (Repealed)
      TITLE THREE - Supplemental Regulations
         Chap.   1130.   Nonconforming Uses.
         Chap.   1131.   Home Occupations.
         Chap.   1132.   Sexually Oriented Business Uses.
         Chap.   1133.   Accessory Structures.
         Chap.   1134.   Conditional Use Regulations.
         Chap.   1135.   Site Plan.
         Chap.   1136.   Design Standards.
         Chap. 1137. Hotel, Motel and Extended Stay Hotel Operation
               and Standards.
      TITLE FOUR - Supplemental Development Standards
         Chap.   1140.   Access Management.
         Chap.   1141.   Off-Street Parking, Loading, Access Drives and Sidewalks.
         Chap.   1142.   Fence Regulations.
         Chap.   1143.   Signs.
         Chap.   1144.   Wireless Telecommunication Facilities.
         Chap.   1145.   Minimum Landscape Requirements.
      TITLE FIVE - Subdivision Control
         Chap.   1161.   General Provisions.
         Chap.   1165.   Subdivision Requirements.
         Chap.   1169.   Plats.
      TITLE SIX - Right of Way Code
         Chap. 1180. Right of Ways.