General Provisions
   50.001   Authority
   50.002   Definitions
   50.003   Depositing objectionable waste prohibited
   50.004   Discharge of untreated sewage or other polluted waters to natural outlets
   50.005   Privies, septic tanks and other facilities
   50.006   Owner's responsibility to install suitable toilet facilities
   50.007   Tampering with or damaging sewage  work equipment or facilities
   50.008   Right of entry for purpose of inspection; easement on private property
   50.009   Authorization to enforce regulations
Private Wastewater Disposal System
   50.025   Connecting building sewer to private  sewage disposal system
   50.026   Written permit to be obtained; permit and inspection fee
   50.027   Inspection and approval of installation
   50.028   Compliance with state regulations
   50.029   Connecting private sewage disposal system to public sewer
   50.030   Maintenance of private sewage disposal facilities
   50.031   Noninterference with additional requirements
   50.032   Connecting building sewer to public sewer
Building Sewers and Connections
   50.045   Connection of building sewers into public sewer to conform to approved standards
   50.046   Connection permit required; fees
   50.047   Costs of installation of building sewer; indemnification
   50.048   Separate building sewer provided for every building
   50.049   Use of old building sewers with new buildings
   50.050   Laying of building sewer; alignment
   50.051   Pipe and joint specifications
   50.052   Size and slope
   50.053   Elevation of building sewer
   50.054   Building drains too low to permit gravity flow to public sewer
   50.055   Extension of sewer to property line of building being served
   50.056   Connection to sources of surface runoff or ground water
   50.057   Location of connection
   50.058   Excavations
   50.059   Street cut in permanent surfaces
   50.060   Inspection of connection to public sewer
   50.061   City Plumbing Code to take precedence
Use of Public Sewers
   50.074   Discharge of storm water inflow to combined sewer system
   50.075   Discharge of storm water and other unpolluted drainage
   50.076   Discharge into certain storm sewers prohibited
Rates and Charges; Billings
   50.095   Annual estimate
   50.096   Rates for sewer service
   50.097   (Reserved)
   50.098   Billing and collection charge
   50.099   Expenditures
   50.100   Renewals
   50.101   Audit
   50.102   Funding system; bond reserve charge
   50.103   Periodic revision of sewer charges
Industrial Pretreatment
   50.115   Purpose and policy
   50.116   Administration
   50.117   Definitions
   50.118   Abbreviations
   50.119   Prohibited discharge standards
   50.120   Pretreatment of wastewater
   50.121   Wastewater discharge permits
   50.122   Wastewater discharge permit issuance process
   50.123   Reporting requirements
   50.124   Compliance monitoring
   50.125   Confidential information
   50.126   Publication of industrial users in significant noncompliance
   50.127   Enforcement
   50.128   Litigation
   50.129   Affirmative defenses to discharge violations
   50.130   Pretreatment charges and fees
   50.131   Control of discharge from sump pumps
   50.132   Penalty
   50.900   Conflicting provisions
   50.999   Penalty