General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Removal of or tampering with city appliances and equipment; negligence
   51.003   Potable water wells
Terms and Conditions of Service
   51.015   Application
   51.016   Permit and meter required
   51.017   Application for water pipe connection; form
   51.018   Access to premises
   51.019   Release of city from liability
   51.020   Special permission required to supply others with water
   51.021   Leaks in service lines, fixtures or hydrants; adjustment
   51.022   Continuous service; disclaimer
   51.023   Multiple service in same premises
   51.024   Assignment
   51.025   Special agreements
   51.026   Modification of agreement
Installation of Water Service
   51.040   Permits and inspector fees
   51.041   Owner's consent to occupancy
   51.042   Right of city to specify sizes of equipment
   51.043   Equipment to be furnished and maintained by customer
   51.044   Materials furnished by city; charges
   51.045   Curb stop and meter locations
   51.046   Service pipe
   51.047   Maintenance of service lines
   51.048   Check and relief valve
   51.049   Cross or interconnections
   51.050   Abandoned service connections
   51.051   Separate lines to premises
   51.052   Fire hydrants
   51.053   Private fire protection
   51.054   Installations to be done by licensed plumbers
Water Meters
   51.065   Meters furnished by city
   51.066   Testing of meters
   51.067   Quantity of water used recorded by meter
Rates and Charges; Billings
   51.080   Reasonable rates for use of water; enforcement of statutory lien
   51.081   Definitions
   51.082   Application for water service
   51.083   Turning on
   51.084   Deposit
   51.085   Accounting for deposits; application to accounts
   51.086   Deposit refunds or credits
   51.087   Monthly payment
   51.088   Late fee
   51.089   Late notice
   51.090   Non-payment
   51.091   Disconnection for late payment
   51.092   Bad checks
   51.093   Reconnection
   51.094   Obstruction of meter
   51.095   Preferred landlord agreements
   51.096   Preferred contractor agreements
   51.097   Billing adjustments
   51.098   Rates for water service
   51.099   Rates for non-metered private protection and automatic sprinkler system
   51.100   Sufficiency of rates
   51.101   Monthly bills
   51.102   Payments by mail
   51.103   Liability of customer for payment of bills
   Cross-connection control, see Chapter 53