Construction and  Post-Construction Best Management Practices for Storm Water Management
926.01   Purpose and scope.
926.02   Applicability.
926.03   Compatibility with other permit and ordinance requirements.
926.04   Severability.
926.05   Storm Water Design Manual.
926.06   Definitions.
926.07   Permit procedures and requirements.
926.08   Disclaimer of liability.
926.09   Application requirements.
926.10   Application review fees.
926.11   Application procedures.
926.12   Permit duration.
926.13   Compliance with State and federal regulations.
926.14   Waivers for providing storm water management.
926.15   Fee in lieu of storm water management practices.
926.16   Dedication of land.
926.17   General performance criteria for storm water management.
926.18   General performance criteria for erosion and sediment control.
926.19   Storm water management plan required for all developments.
926.20   Storm water management plan requirements.
926.21   Performance bond/security.
926.22   Notice of construction commencement.
926.23   As-built plans.
926.24   Landscaping and stabilization requirements.
926.25   Maintenance easement.
926.26   Maintenance covenants.
926.27   Requirements of maintenance covenants.
926.28   Inspection of storm water facilities.
926.29   Right of entry for inspection.
926.30   Records of installation and maintenance activities.
926.31   Failure to maintain practices.
926.32   Notice of violation.
926.33   Stop work orders.
926.34   Civil and criminal penalties.
926.35   Restoration of lands.
926.36   Holds on occupational permits.
926.37   Amendments.
Storm Water Management Code - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 925
Illicit discharge and illegal connection control - see S.U. & P.S. Ch.928