WHEREAS, the City has heretofore entered into a contract with the Walter H. Drane Company to prepare and publish a recodification of the City's Ordinances, and
   WHEREAS, the recodification of such ordinances, together with the new matter to be adopted, the matters to be amended and those to be repealed are before the Council;
   NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Loveland, Hamilton, Clermont and Warren Counties, Ohio:
   Section 1. That the ordinances of the City of Loveland, Ohio, of a general and permanent nature, as revised, recodified, rearranged and consolidated into component codes, titles, chapters and sections are hereby approved, adopted and enacted as the Codified Ordinances of Loveland, Ohio, 2005.
   One book-form copy of the Codified Ordinances shall be certified as correct by the Mayor and the Clerk of Council, attached to this Ordinance as a part hereof, and filed with the permanent ordinance records of the City of Loveland, Ohio.
   Section 2. That the provisions of this Ordinance, including all provisions of the Codified Ordinances, shall be in full force and effect from and immediately after passage of this Ordinance and its approval by the Mayor. All ordinances and resolutions or parts thereof enacted prior to January 1, 2005, which are inconsistent with any provision of the Codified Ordinances, are hereby repealed as of the effective date of this Ordinance, except as follows: the enactment of the Codified Ordinances shall not be construed to affect a right or liability accrued or incurred under any legislative provision prior to the effective date of such enactment, or an action or proceeding for the enforcement of such right or liability. Such enactment shall not be construed to relieve any person from punishment for an act committed in violation of any such legislative provision, nor to affect an indictment or prosecution therefor. For such purposes, any such legislative provision shall continue in full force notwithstanding its repeal for the purpose of revision and codification.
   Section 3. That the Clerk of Council, pursuant to Section 3.04 of the Charter, shall cause to be published a summary of this ordinance. Each section of the Codified Ordinances without a previous ordinance or resolution history at the end thereof indicate that the section contains new matter ordained by this Adopting Ordinance. Summary publication of this ordinance shall constitute sufficient publication of all new matter contained in the Codified Ordinances.
   Section 4. That through authentication and approval of this Ordinance, the Mayor and Clerk of Council shall certify that the permanent and general ordinances of the City as codified therein are correctly set forth and constitute the Codified Ordinances of Loveland, 2005.
   Section 5. That this Ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety of the residents of the City of Loveland, Ohio, and for the further reason that there exists an imperative necessity for the earliest publication and distribution of the Codified Ordinances to the officials and residents of the City, so as to facilitate administration, daily operation and avoid practical and legal entanglements.
This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon its passage by the affirmative vote of six of the seven members elected to Council in accordance with the Charter of the City of Loveland.
/s/    Brad Greenberg
/s/    Linda J. Cox
   Clerk of Council
Approved as to Form:
/s/    Franklin A. Klaine, Jr.
   City Solicitor
First Reading: 4/20/05
Second Reading: 5/10/05
Passed: 5/10/05
      PART ONE -    Administrative Code
      PART THREE -    Traffic Code
      PART FIVE -    General Offenses Code
      PART SEVEN -    Business Regulation Code
      PART NINE -    Streets, Utilities and Public Services Code
      PART ELEVEN -    Planning and Zoning Code
      PART THIRTEEN - Building Code
      PART FIFTEEN -    Fire Prevention Code