EDITOR'S NOTE: The Codified Ordinances of Loveland cover all ordinances of a general and permanent nature. The provisions of such general and permanent ordinances are set forth in full in the Codified Ordinances.
   References must be made frequently to many special ordinances particularly those related to property, such as dedications, vacating, easements, purchases, sales, etc. In the following Tables A through J, all such ordinances are listed. These tables list ordinances chronologically by subject, and include both a citation to and a brief description of each ordinance.
   TABLE A - Annexation and Detachment of Territory
   TABLE B - Dedication and Plat Approval
   TABLE C - Easements
   TABLE D - Franchises
   TABLE E - Real Estate Transactions
   TABLE F - Change of Street Name
   TABLE G - Vacating of Streets and Alleys
   TABLE H - Zoning Map Changes
    TABLE I - Zoning Plans and Procedures
   TABLE J - Bonds
   TABLE K - Contracts