Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Control
928.01   Purpose and scope.
928.02   Applicability.
928.03   Compatibility with other regulations, rules, laws or ordinances.
928.04   Definitions.
928.05   Disclaimer of liability.
928.06   Conflicts, severability, nuisances and responsibility.
928.07   Responsibility for administration.
928.08   Discharge and connection prohibitions.
928.09   Watercourse protection.
928.10   Monitoring of illicit discharges and illegal connections.
928.11   Reduction of storm water pollution by the use of best management practices.
928.12   Notification of accidental spills.
928.13   Suspension of storm drainage system access.
928.14   Enforcement.
928.15   Remedies not exclusive.
928.16   Civil and criminal penalties.
928.17   Recovery of court costs.
Storm Water Management Code - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 925