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Sec. 314. Mayor’s Veto.
   The budget as adopted by the Council shall not be held for reconsideration but shall be promptly transmitted by the City Clerk to the Mayor upon whose approval and signature it shall become effective. If the Mayor shall fail to act upon the budget within five days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, after its adoption by the Council, it shall be signed by the City Clerk and shall thereupon become effective. If the Mayor disapproves of any increase, decrease, omission or insertion of any item of the budget by the Council, the Mayor may veto, restore or otherwise change any item to the amount originally proposed by the Mayor or to any amount between that originally proposed by the Mayor and that adopted by the Council. The Mayor, however, shall have no power to change any description or limitation made applicable to an item by the Council, except to veto the change or to restore the description or limitation to the condition originally proposed by the Mayor. Upon completion of these changes, the Mayor shall within the five day period return the budget to the Council with a statement of action taken.