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Sec. 315. Council Consideration of Mayor’s Veto Message; Final Adopted Budget.
   Upon receipt by the Council of the budget veto message from the Mayor, the Council shall have five days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, within which to overcome the action of the Mayor relative to any item or items of the budget. Any item or items of the budget which shall have been vetoed, or otherwise changed by the Mayor, and which shall not be, by a two-thirds vote of all of the members of the Council, either readopted notwithstanding the objections of the Mayor or changed to an amount between that as originally adopted by the Council and that as changed by the Mayor, shall remain as modified by the Mayor.
   Where the Mayor has changed any description or limitation applicable to an item, the Council, in its action pursuant to this section, shall have no power to alter the description or limitation other than to restore it to the condition in which it was originally adopted by the Council.
   Upon the expiration of the Council’s five day period, or sooner if the Council by majority vote so directs, the budget as returned by the Mayor, and to the extent modified thereafter by the Council, shall become the general City budget for the ensuing fiscal year and shall not be held for reconsideration but shall be promptly transmitted to the City Clerk, signed by the City Clerk and filed in the office of the Controller.