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Sec. 341. Transfers from Reserve Fund; Appropriations from Unappropriated Balance.
   Transfers may be made from the Reserve Fund after adoption of the annual budget to meet in whole or in part any appropriated item of the annual budget, or may be made to the General Fund or the Unappropriated Balance. These transfers and any appropriations from the Unappropriated Balance may be made after adoption of the budget, as follows:
   (a)   upon recommendation of the Mayor, approved by a majority vote of the Council;
   (b)   upon a majority vote of the Council, subject to the approval of the Mayor, or passage by the Council over the Mayor’s veto by a two-thirds vote.
   If any order making a transfer or appropriation is not returned to the City Clerk by the Mayor for presentation to the Council, with objections in writing, within ten days after it has been presented, it shall become effective and be as valid as if the Mayor had approved and signed it.