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Sec. 340. Transfers Between Funds; Temporary Transfers.
   (a)   It shall not be lawful to transfer money from one fund to another or to use the money in one fund in payment of demands upon another fund, except in the case of the Unappropriated Balance and the Reserve Fund, or except as specifically provided in the Charter.
   (b)   Notwithstanding subsection (a), the Treasurer and the Controller, when authorized and directed by the Council by resolution, shall make temporary transfers, in accordance with procedures established by law, from the funds of the City as may be necessary to provide funds for meeting obligations of the City. The amount of any temporary transfers shall not at any one time exceed 85% of the ad valorem property taxes accruing to the City, shall not be made after the last Monday in April of the current fiscal year, and shall be replaced from the taxes accruing to the City before any other obligation of the City is met from those taxes.